Holiday club in: Ipotesti, Ciohorani, Ilisesti, Valea Bourei, Solonet

“We had our largest number of children that day. Plus we had a large number of adults at our second location. Our first ministry was at the well-established Church at Ipotesti. We were there Wednesday and Thursday. Mon/Tues were very hot days. Wed. wasn’t as hot but we battled a strong wind during game time. So we improvised! One of our games was a balloon chase. Two balloons from each color team were launched into the air. Points were given to the first 4 ballons returned, whole. The kids LOVED it!!”

“Ciohorani, was our second Gypsy village and it was about an hour away from Suceava. It was probably our highlight of the week. We loved all the kids in every town, but we could tell things were different in Ciohorani. (I think it is pronounced Chyo-ho-rahn. First, the welcome was really cool. You will see the picture of two kids on a horse. They trotted through the whole village telling all the kids we had arrived! And they came! About 80 kids heard the lesson and several more came after that. There were also 25-30 adults who witnessed the ministry.” 

“Thursday was a little lighter of a ministry day, plus we did the same things each day, jsut different kids. So this would be a good time to highlight our songs and crafts. Maggie and Jodi did a great job planning songs. They were simple English songs from CEF but they conveyed the Gospel very well. Some Romanian kids know some English and a few know it well, but everyone caught on quickly. We also sang some songs in Romanian. Irina, Raluca, andBeniled the kids. The kids love the crafts and Sandy Robson made sure our crafts were really nice! Everyone, even the boys, take craft time very seriously. Many times they do not work on nice crafts like we bring so it is very special.”

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